Student Programs

Each spring we begin our embryology projects in Maine's elementary schools.  This is a great way to teach children about the cycle of life in animals. Any school teacher in Maine can contact Gary Balducci at to set up a project at their school.

Raising Poultry can be fun and educational. Gary Balducci can help any 4-H group interested in starting a Poultry Program. School teachers are welcome to borrow our incubators for classroom use.

Programs offered include:

* Embryology projects
* Raising Broilers or Laying Hens.
* Junior Showmanship for Exhibition Poultry
* Test your poultry knowledge with the Avian Bowl!

Winners from the Junior Showmanship Competition at the Common Ground Fair

Quality Duck Time

A Showmanship Champion with her Magpie

Waiting his turn at the Northeast Poultry Congress, Springfield Mass