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Maine Poultry Growers Association Network

Gary Balducci   Replacement Hens, Emus, Guinea Fowl    207-882-5407

Richard Brzozowski     Agriculture Extension Educator    207-780-4205

Fred Cookson     Laying Hens (mixed breeds)


Scott Greaney     Broilers, Turkeys and Slaughter House    207-587-4062

Jim Green     Replacement Hens (mixed breeds)   207-998-3382

Curtis Hallock     Laying Hens 


Alexander Luke     Laying Hens (mixed breeds)   207-539-2201

Diana Schivera     Organic Producer - MOFGA      207-568-4141

Alvin Theriault     Feathers, Heritage Turkeys, Guinea Fowl, Jungle Fowl, Hungarian Partridge     207-365-4007

Dave Caivano     Game Birds    207-943-3056

MPGA Members: If you have any poultry questions feel free to contact us.

Egg Directory

Oxford County

Jim Greene - Empire Farms                              207-998-3382
Alexander Luke                                               207-539-2201

Piscataquis County

Fred Cookson                                                 207-564-3925

Somerset County

Scott Greaney                                                 207-587-4062