What is the MPGA?

The MPGA is an association for Maine poultry keepers of all types and for anyone interested in poultry.


The Goals of MPGA:


·                                To provide strong and enlightened leadership to Maine poultry growers and poultry fanciers


·                                To encourage the development and consolidation of specialty markets through alternative methods of  

                   husbandry and the production of unique and wholesome products


·                                 To encourage youth to acquire positive life skills by raising and caring for poultry for fun and profit


·                                  To strengthen and promote sustainable poultry production


·                                  To encourage environmental and proper animal care stewardship


·                                  To enhance the rural living experience


Our Membership Includes:


·      Producer & Growers

·      Hatcheries

·      Bird Fanciers

·      Enthusiasts & Hobbyists

·      Feed Companies & Feed Mills

·      4H, FFA & other Youth

·      Poultry Processors

·      Equipment Dealers & Suppliers

·      Teachers

·      Agricultural Fairs & Poultry Judges

·      Interested Others


Benefits of Joining the MPGA:


·      Facilitate group purchases of feed, livestock & supplies


·      Provide a directory of producers, products & supplies


·      Provide educational opportunities


·      Provide a newsletter & web page


·      Provide marketing advice


·      Encourage sound production methods


·      Provide a forum for social exchange, support & networking